RV solar solution

FLEXI offers elegant, efficient and affordable RV solar solutions

Low profile

FLEXI solar panels are perfect for curved RV roofs. They fit needless into the shape of your vehicle! FLEXI panels are light, thin and will not spoil the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, like conventional solar panels.

Nobody will recognize that there are solar panels on your roof. Perfect for boondocking!

Fact: Conventional glass panels spoil the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. FLEXI panels eliminates this negative side effect. 

FLEXI 50 or 100

For a RV flexible solar installation we recommend using a FLEXI 100 system because of its lower price per watt and you have to install fewer panels to acquire your desired solar power supply.

If you expect to have noticeable shade on your roof we recommend you to use FLEXI 50 solar panels because of its higher efficiency in shady environments.

Recommended packages for RV installation:

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